Leucocyte markers

Diatec Monoclonals has license rights for several cell lines for production of monoclonal antibodies against human CD-markers and other leukocyte markers. Check out the list of our cell lines – all are available in bulk amounts (> 20 mg) and delivery can be coordinated to match your production schedule, packaged in a size and format tailored to your needs.

We can deliver purified antibody or ready conjugated to either enzymes or dyes. We can also vial and label according to your instructions.

Cell-line Anti-human Cell-line Anti-human
IIE2 IgM Æ1 CD19
A8B5 kappa CAT.13.6E12 CD20
4C2 lambda IS7 CD22
CRIS-7 (33-2A3) CD3 32D12 CD24
UCH-T1 CD3 143-13 CD25
EDU-2 (72-5A4) CD4 581 CD34
142.9 CD7 EO-1 CD45
UCHT-4 CD8 FN50 CD69
5c2-2H2 CD8 SOM4D10 CD71
18D11 CD14 HKB1 pan HLA class II
BRA-4F1 CD15 FN81 a-HLA DQ
c127 CD16 EDU-1 a-HLA DR